About StellariumScope

Published: Friday, 20 November 2015

 stellscope48StellariumScope is a FREE add-on that enables you to control your telescope with Stellarium


Note that Stellarium supports ASCOM telescopes natively since version 0.19.3. There’s no need to use StellariumScope in order to use your ASCOM telescopes with Stellarium anymore. Users should consider switching to the native Stellarium ASCOM option going forward rather than using StellariumScope. StellariumScope continues to work with Stellarium 0.20.x if you need the extra features that StellariumScope provides.

A number of other mounts also work directly with Stellarium and do not need StellariumScope at all.

The original StellariumScope program was designed and implemented by Scott of ByteArts http://www.bytearts.com

The versions of StellariumScope distributed on this site, although based upon the original StellariumScope, have been independently developed primarily for the EQMOD project. In many cases, it will work satisfactorily with other mounts but I cannot give any guarantee that it will and for those other mounts where it does not  work, I am unable to do very much to solve the issues.  Feel free to send me detailed information that may help to solve the problems but otherwise you will have to resort to other solutions. This is a free application with all that "free" implies. I'm providing an application that was developed for my own installation with the hope that others might find it useful.

Please be sure to provide feedback about the performance, features or bugs. Use the "Contact Us" menu link to the left. Even just a 'quickie' note to say that you're using it and that it suits your needs would be appreciated. Keep in mind that I do not guarantee that StellariumScope will work for all mounts and, although I will try, I cannot promise to fix problems for mounts other that EQMOD.


  • Provides the interface between Stellarium and the ASCOM telescope drivers.
  • Provides the ability to both "Sync" and "Slew" the telescope. It's also possible to issue a stop/cancel command from Stellarium.
  • You can easily host Stellarium on one computer linked to another control computer that hosts the telescope driver.
  • new releases of StellariumScope can be found in the download menu option.
  • there are earlier releases still available on downloads page.


StellariumScope Main Window


The image above shows the interface and some of the options.  Use this application (as with all software that controls your mount) with supervision of your mount's movements.


all other versions below are not time limited but are no longer maintained.