About Us

Published: Saturday, 15 May 2021

Welsh Dragon Computing has been providing high quality database solutions to churches and non-profit agencies for over 30 years.

Welsh Dragon Computing is dedicated to creating affordable database solutions for small to medium organizations. We are especially proud of the support we provide and the customized features that are designed to meet the needs of our clients. A number of database projects have been developed for non-profit organizations at "no charge".

Our Support Policy

Support for all our products is provided by e-mail. Free telephone support is available in North America. We endeavour to reply to any e-mail requesting help within one day, and try to either supply a workaround, or a fix, within two working days of notification of a problem that can be replicated. All bugs and feature requests are recorded, and fixes are normally included in the next release. In the case of feature requests that require major changes to the current release we may wait for a major upgrade before we implement it.

If your organization needs a special database program or database conversion, you should contact Welsh Dragon Computing (Use the "Contact Us" menu item to the left).

Our Privacy Policy:

Any data received from clients will be treated with utmost confidentiality. No data or other information will be shared with any other parties. If Welsh Dragon Computing receives a database for diagnostic purposes, it will be maintained in an encrypted format. 

Names and e-mail addresses of clients will not be shared with any other party.