Using the EQMOD simulator

Using the EQMOD simulator

It is important to distinguish between the ASCOM simulators and the EQMOD simulator. When you use the EQMOD simulator you are not using the ASCOM simulator. In fact, ASCOM “thinks” that you are working with a “live” mount!

Installing the EQMOD simulator

The simulator version of EQMOD is installed at the same time as the regular driver version in all current versions (see the installation instructions earlier in this manual). Some earlier version needed a file called mschrt20.ocx but this is no longer needed.

  • When you connect from your planetarium program select “EQMOD ASCOM Simulator” .
  • The first time you try to use the simulator driver you may find that the [OK] button in the ASCOM Chooser dialog is not enabled. In that case, select the [Properties] button. Fill in:

Values don't matter. Then the [OK] button will be enabled.

When connected to the simulator version, an additional window appears displaying shaft position. You will find that setting the “Fast Goto” option will speed up the simulator slews. (See the following images).

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