Using Spiral Search Feature

Using Spiral Search Feature

This feature is useful when the required object is not within the FOV.

  • Click and hold the [Spiral] button. The mount will start a spiral outwards search until you release the [Spiral] button.
  • Alternatively press and hold button [1] on the game controller (unless you have defined another button for spiral search). Button [1] is spiral by default.

Hint: Since EQMOD starts a new spiral search from the current location whenever you press and hold the [Spiral] button, you can optimize the slew to the object by uses successive spiral searches.

  1. Press and hold the [Spiral] button (or button [1] on the game controller).
  2. After the spiral has been generated for a number of cycles (getting closer and closer to the object), release the button when the spiral is on the side closest to the object.
  3. Press and hold the [Spiral] button (or button [1] on the game controller), starting a new spiral.
  4. Repeating the above sequence gives you a method of zeroing in on the object since each spiral starts off relatively small.


  1. The slider can be adjusted to control how much the mount slews on each leg of the spiral.
  2. The spiral search will always follow the current tracking state of the mount. That means you can implement the spiral slew with 'tracking on' and EQMOD will implement the slew with sidereal/Lunar/Polar/custom drift compensation.
  3. EQMOD will not implement any compensation if the spiral slew is activated and the mount is not tracking.

Using Spiral Search Feature

Here are sample slew patterns when there is no sidereal tracking and with sidereal tracking with small and large microstep settings. The images were provided by Andrew Wall using a Canon 400D on an EQ6 mount using version 109e.

This image used step size of 1029 with no tracking:


This image used step size 4000 with tracking:


Using Spiral Search Feature

This image used step size 1020 with tracking:


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