Using a numeric Keypad to control mount
Using a numeric Keypad to control mount

You can use the regular numeric keys on your regular keyboard. However, a more useful setup is a separate numeric USB keypad that is a frequent add-on for notebook computers. This allows you to hold the keypad in much the same way as you would have used the original hand controller.

Keypad information:

  • Slewing Functions via numeric keypad (USB Keypad, or Keyboard Keypad).
  • The keypad functions is only attached to the 'SLEWPAD' window. Just select the slew pad window and all key press commands will be recognized. You can reduce the size of the slew pad so that it does not hide any parts of the screen that you need to view.
  • You can slew 'diagonally' using the keypad:
  • Button 7: Slew North West
  • Button 8: Slew North
  • Button 9: Slew North East
  • Button 4: Slew West
  • Button 6: Slew West
  • Button 1: Slew South West
  • Button 2: Slew South
  • Button 3: Slew SouthEast
  • Left Arrow: Slew West
  • Right Arrow: Slew East
  • Up Arrow: Slew North
  • Down Arrow: Slew South
  • Button 5: EMERGENCY STOP/Disable Tracking
  • Button 0: Activate Sidereal Tracking
  • Keypad Slew rates are based on the SLEWPAD Rate slider buttons
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