Using a Gamepad/Joystick to control mount
Using a Gamepad/Joystick to control mount

Install the Gamepad/Joystick with the associated installation software.

  1. Start up EQMOD in the usual fashion.
  2. There is an [Initialise] button in the expanded EQMOD window. It's located in the lower right under “Gamepad Configuration”. You can use this [Initialise] button if the joystick disconnects.
  3. Typically the left joystick will control the slewing of the mount. You will also find you can move the joystick diagonally to move the mount in Dec and RA at the same time.
  4. Default buttons on Joystick/Game controller:
  •  1 spiral search
  •  2 alignment cancel
  •  3 alignment accept
  •  4 unused
  •  5 increase RA rate
  •  6 increase Dec rate
  •  7 decrease RA rate
  •  8 decrease Dec rate
  •  9 unused
  •  10 start tracking sidereal
  •  11 (press left Joystick down) Emergency Stop stops slews and tracking
  •  12 unused
  •  13 unused

Only one button can be assigned to a function so there can be only one emergency stop button.



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