EQMOD Tour - Tours & Object lists
EQMOD Tour - Tours & Object lists

On start-up EQMOD Tour automatically scans its install directory and populates a drop down list of available Tours. Each Tour simply consists of a list of sky objects. Several samples have been included as part of the installation zip - these have not been fully verified as to accuracy but should give a fair selection of Northern and Southern hemisphere objects.

The MyTour.lst file is provided as an empty tour which effectively replaces the bookmark feature of earlier EQMOD Tour versions (See below for adding Object entries).

Select a Tour via a drop down list. Changing the tour will generate a list of objects in the Tour object window that are currently above the horizon. Note that object list can only be populated when an ASCOM connection has been established (via the [Connect] button) as the application must read Local Sidereal Time and Observing Site coordinates from the scope driver in order to determine which objects are visible. The list of currently visible objects is not dynamically updated but can be refreshed at any time by clicking the [Refresh] button.

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