EQTour - Tour Files
EQTour - Tour Files

Tour definitions are stored in text files (*.lst) located in the same directory as EQTour.exe These files can be freely edited (in notepad for example) to add new entries. The format is as follows :

  • a first line with !J2000, if the tour file contains J2000 coordinates that require precession and nutation to be applied by EQTOUR.
  • lines starting with a semi-colon or hash (#) are comment lines
  • Object definition take the form of RA; DEC; Name & description (typically the name and a reference to the constellation where the object can be found).
  • RA and Dec are decimal representations in Hours and Degrees respectively.

If you don't require all of the sample Tour files either delete them, rename them *.sav, or move them to another directory. Note that the program needs at least one list file to provide any useful functionality!

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