Summary of some added EQASCOM functions.

Summary of some added EQASCOM functions.

EQASCOM setup screen

Some of the following settings need access to the EQASCOM setup screen

Programs | EQMOD |EQASCOM |Scripts | Setup EQASCOM

Max slew rate (introduced with V1.21e)

Provided the “Show Advanced Settings” option has been checked on the EQASCOM setup screen the user now has the option to limit the slew rate of Gotos and Parks/Unparks.

The way this works is that rather than telling the mount to goto a specific position, EQASCOM now just sets it moving in the appropriate direction. It then monitors the mounts position until it has passed the desired target position and then issues a normal goto. Because the mount is close to the intended target the slew is implemented at a slow rate by the mount.

Please note that there are potential control issues in operating in this way. Whilst the standard goto method will always stop when reaching the target position, this alternate method will only stop upon instruction by EQASCOM. So if communications are lost it is possible that the mount will slew continuously. It is therefore not advised to use this feature when operating the mount remotely.

This function was introduced at the request of those in extremely cold climates where the standard high speed slews were becoming inaccurate.

Windows process priority (introduced with V1.21e)

The EQASCOM setup screen now allows the user to define the windows process priority at which EQASCOM will run.

EQASCOM by default runs at Normal priority but if experience problems when running in combination with other applications (particularly comms failures etc.) then try increasing the priority. Be aware that a priority level of “Realtime” is used by windows for handling mice and the keyboard etc. and increasing EQASCOM up to that level may affect the responsiveness of those devices.

Override language to English (introduced with V1.22a)

Language can now be overridden to English from via Setup screen - this is useful for investigating language dependent issues.

Update checking and notification (introduced with V1.22a)

EQASCOM can, provided an internet connection is available, check for updates. This is configured via the EQASCOM setup screen and you can opt to be notified of Full Releases, Test Releases (full releases are always initially released as test releases) or you can of course disable the feature completely (which is the default).

On startup EQASCOM will then check for the latest versions and should a newer one be available then an “Updates” button will appear on the main screen. Hovering over button with the mouse should show the latest version number.

Pressing the “updates” button will then open up the default browser and will navigate either to sourceforge download page (full releases) or EQMOD group (test releases). Please note that “Test Releases” are only available for download to EQMOD Yahoo group members.

Multiple Goto Bookmarks (introduced with V1.22e)

Rather than just a single bookmark you can now add as many as you like. The bookmarked positions now appear in a list, clicking on the list will recall a position. Please note that these “bookmarks” are currently not saved so will be lost on EQASCOM closure.

Goto Bookmarks might be useful for navigating to and from “focus stars” or for doing stellar comparisons etc. Those wanting a more sophisticated bookmark facility might consider using the EQTOUR application (which has a quick launch facility from the EQASCOM UI)

Mount Position dials (introduced with V1.22f)

The position of RA and DEC axis is shown using two dials. When at the home position (i.e. pointing to the pole) the dials will read RA=6, DEC= 90 and you can imagine yourself standing behind the mount looking to the pole. If the mount is slewed west the RA dial will move to the left. If the mount is slewed North DEC dial will move to the right.

Save Alignment preset on append (introduced with V1.22g)

If the “Save alignment Points to Preset on APPEND” option is checked then every time a new point is added to the pointing model (whether via sync or dialog based alignment) then the current alignment list is saved to the active reset.

This might be particularly useful for those setting up afresh each night as it ensures that in the event of accidental EQASCOM closure, PC crash or PC power failure the alignment is not lost and can be reloaded when EQASCOM is subsequently restarted.

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