Summary of Recent Changes since v1.12k

Summary of Recent Changes since v1.12k


  • Fix to manual goto calculation for negative declinations
  • Change to mouse wheel rate change - speeds < 32 increment slowly/decrement


  • ASCOM setup - option to select pierside method (Pointing, Physical or None)
  • Fix to AutoPEC workig directory - changes weren't held.


  • Additional “External” option on ST-4 guiding rates - if selected then the guide rate is set externally (i.e. via synscan) and will not initialized by EQASCOM.
  • Toolbox now includes low level comms transaction time test - useful for comparing the performance of different mount interfaces.


  • Fix to Mosaic exe assignment - file filter wasn't set correctly and so EQMOSAIC didn't appear listed.


  • Custom Tracking: Data set is filtered to only load the next 24 hours of data from the file
  • if, once tracking no current data is found the next 24 hours is loaded automatically.
  • Fix to ASCOM 'pointing' PierSide reporting - not that the EQASCOM UI displays physical pierside which is different.


  • Custom tracking: support for JPL Horizons fractional seconds


  • Custom tracking parsing of JPL Horizons data
  • Custom tracking automatic waypoint correction gotos added.


  • Custom Tracking file can now disable precession on gotos
  • Custom track gotos now calculated for “mid record” positions - previously gotos were to the nearest tracking record.
  • Bug fix the prevented custom track tooltip form being assigned at startup.


  • Ephemeris based custom tracking promoted to standard feature (as opposed to advanced)
  • Goto implemented for custom track objects (right click on tracking button)
  • Indication given id Ephemeris data is out of date.
  • Message center output provided for ephemeris format/load errors.


  • Fix to southern hemisphere file based tracking. (RA direction was reversed)


  • Change so encoders are immediately preset when stating in a parked state - thereby reporting the parked position
  • Dual speed joystick slewing option
  • Fix to custom tracking file format parsing EQASCOM_V1.27a
  • Change so encoders are immediately preset when starting in a parked state - thereby reporting the parked position
  • Dual speed joystick slewing option
  • Fix to custom tracking file format parsing.


  • Second instance of EQASCOM now optionally installed
  • VBScripts for second instance modified
  • Toolbox changes to support second instance
  • EQASCOM_Run modified for 2nd instance support
  • File driven Custom Tracking added.


  • gamepad polling kept alive to recover “failed” gamepads without need of refresh button


  • File load/save dialog now shows hidden folders.
  • PEC fix - the “debug” AutoAdjust was active by default.


  • PEC interface re-worked with new setup screen for PEC playback and Capture
  • Screen position bug fix (where right hand screen is primary screen)
  • Language handling for new PEC interface.



  • PEC gain set to 1 and PEC Phase shift set to 0 on AutoPec capture completion
  • PECapture_EQMOD.txt file now logs the raw PE not the smoothed.
  • PEC.txt and PECapture_EQMOD.txt now written to program files/EQMOD_PEC directory for easy user access


  • PEC Capture low pass and magnitude filter limits read from ini file
  • PEC capture data invert option added to ini file.


  • Fix to range checking of dec backlash - values over 100 were reset to zero on startup.
  • PEC capture routing added - investigation in progress.
  • ASCOM EQuatorialCoordinate property can now be set via setup screen to “force” clients to use a particular epoch (but not all clients may play ball!)


  • Fixed Rate gotos now retry if initial goto doesn't get to within 0.75 degrees.
  • Fixes to simulator - didn't clear encoder increments on slew to target completion if previously set to track.
  • Fix to PEC sync normalisation.


  • Support added for NMEA ZDA message (time & date).


  • Last GPS baud rate in the dropdown now comes from ini file so user can override to their own custom rates.
  • Fix to park timer which would unpark the mount if while active it detected the mount was currently parked.


  • Guiding type now set via setup screen.
  • Main interface only displays guiding params for the guiding type being used.
  • Guide rates can now be written via ASCOM for both ST-4 and Pulseguiding.


  • Screen position remembered.


  • Fix to Southern Hemisphere alignment editor plot.
  • Sigma Octans added to pole star list.
  • Fix to EQTOUR/EQMOSAIC launcher when no files defined.


  • Fix to Meridian limits - if cleared defaults were applied on restart.


  • Fix to proximity limit initialisation
  • Removal of code that restricts mount characteristics to previously “known” synta types.


  • Setup Option to allow ASCOM clients to change site settings.
  • Bug fix to handle exception when changing active screen whilst maximised.


  • Correction to polar scope precession view
  • New slew controls only display mode.


  • Option to show Polaris precession added to polar scope tool.
  • Ra/Dec reverse sound assignments
  • Park timer added.
  • Change to Side of Pier calculations in line with ASCOM's latest documentation


  • fix to move axis in southern hemisphere (where rate change is small!)
  • Updated custom mount definitions to include more belt drive mods.


  • Sound definitions added for Game pad lock and monitor toggle.
  • Emergency stop given precedence when game pad lock on.


  • Fix to parking from easterly position when using custom go to speeds (mount didn't stop at park position)


  • Range checking on site coords - error prompt displayed if out of range.
  • Screen saver/monitor power toggle button added to gamepad control
  • Gamepad lock toggle button added to gamepad control


  • Further Bug fix associated with V1.23n changes.


  • Bug fix for EQ3, EQ5 upgrade mounts (introduced with V1.23k). Meridian position was being assigned EQ6Pro/HEQ5 defaults.


  • Change to app launching (EQTOUR, EQMOSAIC, TonighSky) to allow restoration form a minimised state.
  • Fix to flipped goto when flipping from a counterweights up position with limits off (was using limit position rather then horizontal as RA pivot point)
  • Popup menu to change display


Change to safe goto's when limits are on - if moving from an out of limit position the goto with first move to the limit position in RA only before completing the move to target (previously moves were made via home position).


Change to “safe” gotos when limits are off and moving from a CW up position - slews/parks are routed via median position rather than home position.


Listbox added to Setup form slew preset definition. Bug fix to exception caused when undefined rate is applied.


Choice of pole stars now offered via drop down list

Setting of Polarscope home position now prompts for confirmation.

Bug fix to prevent POV buttons from closing alignment dialogue.


More fixes to southern hemisphere polar scope alignment.


Fix to “crash” if rate preset selected via gamepad button is greater than the number of presets currently defined.

Updated Romainian translation dll

Manual Sync script added to install

Read of GuideRates via ASCOM now supported (for pulse guide).

Changes to polar scope alignment to handle southern hemisphere use.


  • Fix to bug in “safe slew” code that change home park position.
  • Extra error handling in setup dialog
  • Gamepad Monitor app now allows manual selection if more than one gamepad is installed.
  • Updated Dutch translation dll


  • Fix to ensure multi part slews are aborted when parking
  • Fix to ensure parks are only ever initiated if the mount is unparked - exception is park to current which can interrupt a parking mount.
  • Fix to ensure unparks are only ever initiated if the mount is parked.
  • Fix to ensure Flipped goto state/checkbox is cleared on park (for the case where a goto doesn't complete).
  • Fix to update the Park status display on emergency stop (previously mount would park but no indication was given)
  • Fix to RA Limit ini file initialisation. If RA limits were not defined (i.e. first use) the EAST and WEST limit were written with the same default value. Now correct defaults are assigned.
  • Number of parks/unparks uncreased to 10
  • Change to prevent undefined parks or unparks from being selected.
  • Flashing Limit display now indicates which type of limits are triggered (Horizon or Meridian).
  • Meridian limits suppressed during CW up type slews.


Parked status now flashes in the main coordinate area when parked.

Emergency Stop (slew controls and Gamepad) now performs a park to current. (tracking stop just stops motors)

Park from CW up positions now always implemented as a RA slew to the RA home followed by a slew in declination only to Park declination followed by a final slew in RA to the PARK RA.

Slews from CW up positions with limits off now always implemented as a slew in RA to the RA home followed by a slew in declination only to target declination followed by a final iterative slew in RA to the target RA.

Fix to AutoRASync ini file initialisation - previously defaulted to off rather than on for clean installs

Position dials added to Park/Unpark definition dialog allowing the user to verify the current definitions.

Toolbox:- View ini file added.


Fix to sync too big bug which whilst rejecting the sync would apply it as a fixed offset.

Slews to CW up targets now always implemented as a slew in RA to the RA home followed by a slew in declination only to target declination followed by a final iterative slew in RA to the target RA.

Fix to custom tracking for southern hemisphere RA track rates - previously RA axis motion was reversed requiring the entry of “negative” rates.

Fix for EQ5 type bug (invalid stepcount error) introduced with previous version.

Fix to bug that reset alignment preset name on point append.


Graphical display of RA limits on main UI and limits editor

Addition of one shot Counter Weights Up goto - allows a forced flip provided the end position is within defined limits.

Dead Man's Switch added as a gamepad option. Releasing whilst slewing will immediately park the mount to the current position.


Updated French dll/Updated Italian

Toolbox fix - allow disconnect on connection fail.

PEC fix - switched to wrong display on PEC load

Polar Scope home - start position (clock position) now saved along with mount position

EQASCOM_RUN - now starts in system tray

Gamepad monitor added to install

GPS NMEA trace added - right click on GPS data frame to show left click to hide.



Setup Form and Custom Mount translation support (extra strings added)

Updated Dutch dll



Simulator form, minimise added. Now starts minimised latitude and longitude site details now has seconds entry box.

New COM interface added to allow reading of the dec axis position (0-360 degrees rather than 0+-90)


Save Alignment Points to Preset on APPEND option added.


Further changes to simulator display.

Axis position dials added to main display.


Fix to simulator RA display.

Goto screen (right click on the main display RA/DEC coords) now provides a bookmarked positions list replacing the previous single bookmark.


Fix to custom rate calculations for EQ5 type mounts.


Backlash range increased upto 200ms max

Mount param debug.


Slew rate Limit dropdown replaced with slider control.


Fix to solar and lunar “sound” labels

Fix to Italian language translation that affected joystick config parsing

Ability to override language to English (setup screen)

Update checking and notification.


Max slew rate feature introduced (requires evaluation)

Ability to increase windows process priority


Clear sync, Define Park and Resynch encoder text buttons replaced with graphics

Italian language dll


Graphical button backgrounds set to icon background colour.

ASCOM option for synchronous parking - May be important if your client application expects

     EQASCOM to "block" until the mount is parked (ASCOM standard method).

Initialisation errors are now displayed on the main mount status display.

Points List, Clear Alignment and Add Point buttons replaced with graphical buttons.

Rate changes can now be made on the fly whilst manually slewing.



current Sitename now stored in ini file

eqascom_run - error handling improved and polling suspended during shutdown prompt.

Fix to custom mount RA/DEC dropdown initialisation.


Custom Mount tracking offset added to ini file - allows users to apply a larger offset than is available via drift compensation.

Custom mount setup dialog added (accessed from button on setup screen)

Graphical buttons replacing text - cleaner interface

Gamepad setup accessible from setup screen.

Toolbox ini file move between simulator and EQASCOM

GPS option added to setup screen.

Site presets added to setup screen.


Fix to PC beep on rate preset change (long beep on max/min preset had been lost)


Message and ASCOM file logs now use a two file approach to prevent massive logs. Each file contains 2000 logs.

New and updated language dlls.


Declination backlash compensation for pulse guide.


ASCOM PulseGuide command now will have no effect on E/W directions if not tracking. Previously there was a bug that meant the requested pulse never completed.


3 o'clock and 9 o'clock starting positions added to polar alignment.

Gamepad button assignment option added for Polar Scope alignment

Alignment sounds (Accept, Cancel End)

Polar Scope Alignment sounds.


Goto initiation sound option.

fix to align dialog slew button layout.

Optimisation of goto handling.


More sounds (tracking and unpark).

PoleStar Hour Angle no uses J2000 coords and applies precession.


Greater sound control for folks who like to have their mount's speak to them.


Minor fix to slew resolution ini default , V1.20b set this to 0 by mistake. V1.20c will automatically fix existing ini files to the correct default of 10.


“Advanced” checkbox added to setup form - When checked various “advanced controls on the EQASCOM UI are made visible

Auto RA sync is now only displayed when operating in “advanced mode”

New option for 3-star “Closest Points” or “Best Center” This is an advanced feature.

New “point filter” dropdown - “All”, “PierSide Only” and “Local Quadrant”

Number of Slew iterations is now read from the ini file.

Slew termination resolution no read from ini file

Pulseguide enable / disable via ASCOM commandstring.

Fix to manual Horizon entry.


Improvement to Alignment pierside implementation.

Minor improvements to alignment map display.


Change to slew release code to put back to V119a state - some problems reported with sidereal not restarting.


Fix to simulator - was terminating slews early due to rA tracking stopping DEC motor.

Store and Recall functions added to goto form.


Fix gamepad slew south - didn't work when assigned to button rather than POV.


Goto form placed “on top” when opened.

Search option added to setup form to auto-detect com port (when connected to mount).


Optimisation of slew release for sub-sidereal speeds.


Icons added to dialogs

Bug fix to drift compensation value which was reset if comms failure stopped EQASCOM initialising

Fix to slews (southern hemisphere and sub-sidereal)

Addition to game pad configuration to allow the device to be explicitly selected rather than using automatic detection.

Preparatory work for wider mount support.


New “proximity range” parameter as part of N-Point Alignment. Existing points within range of a new point are automatically removed from the points list.

Slew Rates now include pulse guide rates for sub sidereal rate movement.

Setup form not includes ability to define Slew preset rates

Fix to E, NE and SE slews when at x1 rate.


Fix to sync handling and POV controls (POV buttons were initiating syncs)

Goto function added (right click RA/DEC display)


Fix to Westward slew commands when reversed.

Fix to allows NW and SW slews to take into account tracking.


POV disable option now applies during game pad configuration.


Slew pad rates linked to main interface rate sliders - so if main sliders change so do slew pad rates.


Pulseguide logging always active.

Bug fix to POV handling


Slew pad keyboard handling. Rate preset change via + and -, *=spiral search.

Game pad handling - POV (D-PAD) buttons now capable of individual assignment

Pulse guide monitors now wrap around - cursor added to show current position.

Fix to limit detection during slews (limits were always applied regardless of the limit on slew option)


Minor change to point transformation map display of mount position.

CommandString interfaces added for reading and writing PulseGuide rates

CommandString interfaces added for reading and writing ST4 Guide rates

Exception handling improvements to GPS serial communications (may help will dodgy drivers!).


Fix to points list delete (would delete even if list was empty)

Wider range of GPS baud rates supported

Re-write of command string parsing


Goto Star hidden from Point editor (button and menu)

Code speed efficiency improved on alignment list searches

Fix to reading of ASCOM RightAscensionRate property.


Key handling for points list selection changes

ini file handling - bug fix to handle very large ini files.

Transformation map now “draws as it goes” so folks can see the progress (important for large points lists)


Points editor now automatically refreshes list if alignment point count changes.

Points editor is sizable


Time to Meridian limit added

Rework of points list display to use tabs

alignment map moved to Points Editor - many improvements


Alignment Save now crops data to alignment point count. Previously “unused” entries could remain in the ini file (they caused no harm, but were confusing)

Park status is now written to the ini whenever the mount unparks. Previously “unparks” were only written on closure which meant that in event of a PC crash the an “unparked” mount could appear as parked on subsequent restart (thereby loosing PEC sync).

Sync button added to game pad handling

Rework to provide support for early binding.


Bug fix to ASCOM Pulseguide enable - was associated with exception disable state.


Simulator fixes & improvements

Custom rate - rates up to 12000 arc secs / sec allowed.

Fixes to on the fly rate change behaviour - motors were stopping if moving from slow to fast rates.

Log message center to file.

Option to disable ASCOM exceptions.

This version was withdrawn and replaced with v117f


Fix to loading of custom mount parameters


Resynch Encoders button added.

EQASCOM_toolbox included in the install


Fix to simulator read of motor positions - wrap arounds were not simulated and out of range values were returned.


Correction of default used for Polaris RA.

POV disable option added to allow ASCOMPAD to control focuser using those buttons.

Affine Taki+Polar checkbox hidden

Alignment process simplified.


New ASCOM interfaces to initiate the various park/unpark modes

Fix to button decoding when using Spanish/Dutch land dlls

Disabling of Polar Alignment measurement pending completion - enable ini file (POLAR_ALIGNMENT=1)

Fix to store N-Point Alignment mode (nearest didn't previously save)

Preparatory work for goto slew rate option - not active yet though.

PEC debug options slightly modified.

Fix to simulator sidereal rate.

Optional GPS initializer string (via ini file key GPS_INITSTRING)

Alternate 12 o'clock start position for polarscope alignment.

N- Point alignment option removed from user interface (N-Point+nearest is better)


Sound config options added. WAVfile alternative to beep.


Puleguide ignored if slewing

Simulator - replaced pie charts to remove need for mschrt20.ocx

Simulator - initializes to use EQASCOM site coords.

Fix to ini Meridian Flip ini reads (didn't work for non English locales)


Fix to edit of park/unpark position name.


Fix to limits - limit on slew status not saved to ini

Fix to W slew (if tracking rate=rate+1 to compensate for sidereal motion)

Number of definable park and unpark position increased to 5

Fix so alignment save on park never writes empty alignment lists


Fix to support PECPHASE, PECGAIN reads

Fix to PEC phase slider change.

Addition of PECFILE interface.


Main form height reduced slightly



Fix to PEC Export


Align polarscope home position definition and goto functions added.

Fix to PEC


Align polarscope function added.


ASCOM CommandString Interface to support PEC Phase, PEC Gain

ASCOM CommandString change so the enabling/disabling PEC also starts/stops tracking

ASCOM CommandString Interface to support MOUNTVER, DRIVRVER and DLLVER

Go faster N-point calculations.

Max stars used in N-Point calc read from ini file

Resizeable polarscope view


Custom mount support - test release

PEC restructure.


Alignment preset index saved on preset load and save (previously only saved on form closure).

Com port string prefix added for com10+ support


Setup form forced to top.


Manual guiding via slew controls using pulseguide movements


.txt extension forced for limit file saves

ASCOM error messages corrected.


Automatic pier flip option added.

Park to current no longer redefines the user defined park.


Fix to bug preventing Tour launch.

Bug fix to Alignment save / load (wouldn't let you select both options)

Bug fix to pulseguide enable defaults


Encoder timer changed to be more tolerant of communications failures. On failure the emulated RA and last known DEC positions are used. An emergency stop is tried after five successive failures.


Bug fix: moveaxis - RA and DEC axis prescaler was left a default “1” if rate was negative.

Bug fix: If park state was “parking” joystick controls were still active.

Bug Fix: Alt and Az labels swapped in Horizon Editor listbox.

Bug Fix: Limit file reference now cleared when horizon is cleared.

Bug Fix: Horizon editor checkbox not initialised on form load.


Horizon editor added

ASCOM Pulseguide can be disabled if need,


Log to file added to ASCOM trace

PEC now automatically applied to sidereal tracking.

RA & DEc included in PEC timestamp

Fix:- ASCOM interface now only returns status as parked when scope reaches park position - previously it would report parked whilst the mount was still parking.

Fix: ASCOM AbortSlew. Slew aborts only applied if already slewing. On abort completion tracking is returned to pre-slew rate.

Self installer added.


ASCOM trace added (double click ASCOM logo)

EQTour & EQMOSAIC launch now writes ASCOM driver ID to their ini files.

Option for full ASCOM compliance - No slews unless tracking is set (default to non compliant to work with CDC, HNSKY, Stellarium)

PEC ASCOM interface added via CommandString.

Alignment preset load, bug fix to allow for internationalisation (decimal separator)


Joystick calibration

Joystick disable option via ini file

ASCOM DestinationPierSider support

AS0COM tracking - tracking rate offsets applied whenever tracking started.

ASCOM Park check and error reporting for MoveAxis, tracking etc. - greater level of conformance PEC extra error handling and debug output


Support for ASCOM Rates collection


Option to load alignment from preset on unpark

Option to save alignment to preset on park

Right click added to Tour/Mosaic buttons to set exe path.

Tooltips added for Mosaic & Tour buttons

PoleStar Hour angle display added.

File name now displayed as part of PEC status frame title

Updated Spanish dll


Fix to EQ5 & EQ3 steps per worm rev calculation


ASCOM PierSide read support added.


N-point 3-Point Center Point, Sync Append as N-point


M0odified N-point (ALT/AZ Coordinate Transformation)


Additional error checking to Tour/Mosaic quick launch.

Form resize of Joystick config form (left bigger than it need be in a previous release)


Addition of EQMosaic and EQTour quick launch buttons.

Spiral button replaced with graphical button.

Park/Unpark button now takes caption text from appropriate park/unpark drop down.

Spanish dll updated.

Polar Alignment tool - Initial framework included for evaluation.


Park status saved on DCOM termination, ASCOM disconnection and on PARK slew completion

Mount status now shows “PARKING…” and “PARKED” when slew is complete.

PulseGuide Monitor moved to one of the cyclic status displays. Individual zoom for RA and DEC axis.


Park/Unpark operation:

Individual Park buttons replaced with drop-downs list to select behaviour and single Park/Unpark button to action.

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