Operating Systems

The EQMOD driver works on Windows™ most versions. Windows Vista™ is relatively new but EQMOD has been run successfully using the Windows XP compatibility mode (use a right click to set this mode). There is currently no specific support for Linux.

Planetarium Software

The EQMOD driver is known to work well with the following software applications:

ASCOM software

  • An essential component in the setup is the freely available ASCOM software. You can obtain it at the ASCOM web site ( )
  • The ASCOM driver software provides a mechanism for standardizing the interface between many of the pieces of hardware and software typically used in your observatory.
  • Although it includes a component known as POTH (Plain Old Telescope Hub) that allows several devices to interface with the telescope at the same time current releases of the EQMOD driver do not require the use of POTH.

Guiding Software

Polar Alignment

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