Setting the Framesize Default
Setting the Framesize Default

Q: I am using a 6“ Schmidt Newton F/5 with a (modified) Canon 350D, my FOV is about 2 x 1 degrees. However currently the maximum framesize is 60 arcmin (1 degree). Is it possible to make the framesize bigger than 60 arcmin, say 150 x 150 arcmin?

Chris: Yes it is possible to increase the maximum frame size but you'll need to do a little bit of text editing. First make sure the mosaic program isn't running then find the EQMOSAIC.ini file. Under XP it can be found in ….

	C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\EQMOD

where USERNAME is your windows username.

(You should also see an EQMOD.ini file in this directory if you're using the latest version of EQMOD.) Note that the Application Data folder has the hidden attribute set so you may have to make sure your file explorer is showing hidden files.

If you open EQMOSAIC.ini file you'll see some lines like


You can set new values as required but obviously the bigger numbers you use the less resolution you have on the slider's that change the FOV in the mosaic program itself - so you may find yourself having to use the nudge buttons rather than the sliders to get an 'exact' value.

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