Other EQMOD Settings

Other EQMOD Settings

RA Reverse and Dec Reverse

These 2 options allow you to reverse the function of the associated slew control.

“PierSide Points Only” checkbox (enabled by default).

In previous versions this was labelled as “Local to Pier”. When enabled, only alignment point on the target side of the meridian are used. If disabled, a 3-point cross-meridian is allowed. This function should be enabled if the setup has severe cone errors or mirror flop is an issue.

Always on top option

This option controls whether the EQMOD window stays visible when you click on another program such as your planetarium program. If it is not selected, the EQMOD will disappear when you click other programs. This is helpful if you're working with a smaller screen. You can always cause the window to reappear use the [Alt-Tab] keystrokes or clicking the appropriate reference in the task bar at the bottom of the screen.

Color option

The [Color] button allows the change of the various default colors. It also allows the change in the message font size although increasing the font size causes messages to be partially displayed since, with a larger font, the message will not fit into the message window.

Alignment Behavior – Nearest Point

The alignment points will be treated as “localized” points. The number beside the “PierSide Points Only” shows which alignment point is currently being used.

Alignment Behavior – 3‑Point + Nearest Point

If at least 3 alignment points have been setup and the destination object lies within a triangle formed by 3 alignment points, calculations will be based upon those 3 points… otherwise the nearest point will be used.


Click the [Sounds] button to open the “Set Sounds” window. You can choose default Windows sounds or customized sounds using .wav files. Use the drop down to select.

You can enable/disable Beeps/Button Clicks/Alarms by using the appropriate check box. If you make changes use the [OK] button.

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