EQASCOM Movement Strategies

EQASCOM provides two movement strategies.

Normal: RA and DEC move simultaneously to their target positions

Safe: This movement is used when moving from or to an Outside Limits position. The RA axis is first moved to the RA home position, the DEC axis then moves to its target position and finally the RA axis then moves to its target position. This is safer than the “Normal” slewing method because whilst entering/leaving the “Outside Limits” zone only the RA axis is moving and so the mount will take the same final approach to a given position irrespective of starting position.

If RA limits are applied then they will set the range over which will “normal” slewing will occur. Gotos/Parks/Unparks to/from positions outside of the limits will be implemented using a safe goto.

If RA limits are off then all movements from counter weight down (CW down) positions will be performed as simultaneous RA/DEC. Movements from counter weights up (CW UP) positions (i.e. where the mount has tracked over the meridian) are implemented using the Safe method.

Limits Not Applied

StartDestinationOperationFlipped GotoMovement TypeComment
CW DownAnywhereGoto/Park/UnparkNoNormal
CW UpAnywhereGoto/Park/UnparkNoSafeMount may have tracked into a position where any DEC movement causes collision so safe moves are used.
AnywhereAnywhereGotoYesSafeFlipped gotos can go to any target position - user must supervise and stop if collision is likely

Limits Applied

StartDestinationOperationFlipped Goto Limits applied to GotoMovement TypeComment
Within LimitsWithin LimitsGotoYes or NoYes or NoNormal
Within LimitsOutside LimitsGotoYesNormalThe flipped goto request is ignored and a standard goto is performed instead.
AnywhereOutside LimitsGotoNoYes or NoNONEGoto out of limit position can't be initiated.
Outside LimitsAnywhereGotoYes or NoYesNONELimit will prevent goto
Outside LimitsWithin LimitsGotoYes or NoNoSafe
Within LimitsWithin LimitsPark
Within LimitsOutside LimitsPark
Outside LimitsWithin LimitsPark
Outside LimitsOutside LimitsPark
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