EQMOD Mosaic Settings
EQMOD Mosaic Settings
  1. To change the default settings of EQMOD Mosaic, click the [> > >] button.
  2. In this extended window, you can set the frame size that corresponds to your imaging setup. This setting only needs to be approximate although it should typically be equal or smaller than the actual camera image size. The frame size is used by the grid navigator to calculate the amount of slew.
  3. There is a drop down that allows you to save and recall the frame sizes
  4. There is a setting to allow you to specify the amount of overlap between frames.
  5. There is an option to warn you if the slew will cause a mount flip.
  6. There is an option to automatically connect to the default ASCOM driver on program start.
  7. There is an option to keep EQMOD Mosaic on top of all other desktop applications.
  8. The current default ASCOM driver is displayed and there is a [Choose Scope] button that allows a different default driver to be selected (perhaps a driver other than EQMOD).
  9. You can save and load sessions.
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