Mosaic Sessions
Mosaic Sessions

It is possible to save and load sessions. Up to 10 separate sessions may be saved and recalled. The following information is saved as part of a session definition. Prior to saving a session the user can change the session name by clicking on it, and entering new text.

RA field of view
DEC field of view
RA overlap
DEC overlap
RA & DEC coordinates of grid centre.
X,Y grid coordinates of Cell to be slewed to.
Status of all grid cells.

On session load the grid will be restored to the condition it was in on saving and a slew is initiated to place the scope at the last slew position. RA and DEC skip values are recalculated using the current coordinates.

This feature makes for easier mosaic compilation when imaging spans a number of observing sessions as the mosaic program is able to pick up from the exact point it was previously saved.

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