EQMOD Mosaic – Interface Images
EQMOD Mosaic – Interface Images

This is the start up window of EQMOD Mosaic. Click the [Connect] button to connect to the mount. (see below about auto-connect option)

ascomchooser4.jpgThe ASCOM Telescope Chooser appears.

Select [EQMOD ASCOM EQ5/6] and click the [OK] button. If you have set the “Auto-connect” option, Mosaic will attempt to connect to the last driver that you have used. In this case the [Connect] button will be replaced with a [Disconnect] button.

EQMOD will activate.

In order to set EQMOD Mosaic options, click the [> > >] button. Here you can

  • adjust the frame size and overlap.
  • save several different combinations by using the “Presets” drop-down.
  • save and load sessions

The other options are“

  • choose to be warned if the slew will cause a meridian flip
  • automatically connect when Mosaic starts using previously used driver
  • keep Mosaic on top of all other applications
  • display grid labels for easy identification of images
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