More on the EQTOUR !J2000 option
More on the EQTOUR !J2000 option
  • This is the typical situation for the sample .lst files provided with the EQTOUR installation. The coords stored in these files are based on J2000. The assumption is that your planetarium program (or other software) will be sending EQMOD JNOW coords.
  • If you add objects to a list you should be aware whether the coords provided by your planetarium program are JNOW or J2000. If you are adding to a list setup with the !J2000 setting and you add a JNOW set of coords EQMOD will incorrectly adjust the JNOW.
  • If your favorite planetarium issues gotos based upon J2000 coordinates it would make sense to remove the !J2000 from tour files. The planetarium and EQTour would then both issue J2000 based gotos. Correction to JNOW would occur as an inherent part of a EQASCOMs n-point alignment model. The key is that it doesn't matter which coordinate system you use so long as all applications are set to the same system.
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