Leveling the Mount

Leveling the Mount

Although it is not obvious, it turns out that precise leveling of the tripod/pier/mount is not all that important. Of course you want to have reasonable values here (there's little point in having your pier tilted way off vertical). However, any discrepancies are easily compensated for by the algorithms used in the N-point alignment process.

A level mount can facilitate polar alignment because adjustments are made left, right up and down instead of at slight angles. Do not worry about leveling the mount with great precision.

What is important:
  • good polar alignment (using the mounts polarscope will give results that are adequate for many cases. There are additional techniques that can improve on this setting if you have demanding imaging).
  • A good home positioning of the mount in order to improve the accuracy of initial GOTO's to alignment stars. Even this is not absolutely essential if you recognize the alignment star and are prepared for a significant slew.

If you are doing only a 1-point alignment, you may find that setting the home position and leveling is more critical.

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