Initial setup with EQASCOM_Run

Initial setup with EQASCOM_Run

EQMOD is not a stand-alone program. It is software that acts as a driver between other applications (such as your planetarium program). For this reason you would usually start a planetarium program that would then start EQMOD and connect to your mount.

However, as an initial test (to avoid the complexity of figuring out how to interface your planetarium program), you should consider using the EQASCOM_Run utility to start EQMOD. It can be found at:

Start | Programs | EQMOD | EQASCOM | EQASCOM_Run

This utility will start up EQMOD to make sure that EQMOD can connect to your mount. If EQMOD connects successfully, you will see the EQMOD window.

You should now try the following (please monitor the movement of your mount:

  • Click the [Unpark] button.
  • Click the N, S, E, W buttons to see if you can slew the mount.
  • If the mount slews a very small amount you may need to use the RA Rate/DEC Rate sliders to increase the rate so you can detect the mount movement.

Now look at the full setup window. Click the [Setup] button:

You will find it near the top of the opening window:

Once you click on the button the full setup window will be displayed. Clicking the setup button again will reduce the window to its initial size.


At this point, the only critical items are the Latitude and Longitude settings. You should confirm that they have been set correctly. You will also need to confirm that your planetarium program is also using the same settings (including time)

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