Initial Setup

Initial Setup

Once you have installed the software with the current setup package, you will want to do an initial setup. You only need to do this once, so installing later versions will simply use the setup from the previous installation.

You will find the script “Setup EQASCOM” installed with the EQASCOM package, typically found:

Start | Programs | EQMOD | EQASCOM | Scripts |  Setup EQASCOM

When you run the script the following window will appear:

Typical values for the port would be:

Timeout:	1000
Retry:		2
Baud:		9600
Port:		?	

Finding the port is sometimes tricky but the setup program can help. With the mount connected to the computer and powered up and the correct Baud set (typically 9600), click the icon.

The setup program will test various ports and should be able to find the port used by the mount. Once you determine the port be sure to connect to the same computer port each time.

Make sure you set the Latitude & Longitude to match your observing location.

If you have a GPS module, you can use the GPS icon to set these values.

There is more information about using a GPS module elsewhere in this document.

For all other options, the default values are usually the ones you would want to use.

Click the [OK] button when finished with settings.

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