FAQs - File Locations

FAQs - File Locations

What ini files should I move if I reinstall on another computer?

In addition to the eqmod.ini file there is an align.ini file that contains any saved alignment models and joystick.ini that contains your gamepad configuration.

There are separate files for both EQASCOM and the simulator. The EQASCOM files are found in %appdata%/eqmod and simulator fiules are in %appdata%/eqmod_sim.

The other EQMOD software applications (EQTour, EQMOSAIC, EQTOur, PECPREP, EQMODLX, EQNotify) also create their own .ini files that are stored in the %appdata%/eqmod directory.

Sync file location

If you manually save your data, or have it automatically save on park or append then you will find it written to a “preset” within the align.ini file (a text file). To find align.ini just type %appdata%/eqmod into a windows file explorer address bar.

Location of .ini files

The .ini file is typically stored in directory (folder):

	\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\EQMOD 

USERNAME is your windows login username). The Application Data folder has hidden attributes . This means you might not be able to see the folder. Set your explorer options to show hidden files.

You can also just enter


in a windows explorer address bar, or


for the simulator ini's.

There are several .ini files.

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