EQTour is an ASCOM Client Application that integrates with EQMOD.

Note: You do not need to install EQTour in order to use EQMOD.

EQTour is a lightweight, small footprint application that provides users with the capability to create their own Sky Tours of objects. This may prove be useful as a “bookmarking” facility during or spanning observing session when objects need to be regularly revisited. By using EQTour in combination with Planetarium software and the EQMOD simulator, it is easy to build up lists of sky locations for later observation/demonstration sessions.

The latest versions can be found in the files folder at


The file will have a name such as:


where the version number in the above example is 1.11. The version you download may have a later version number.


  1. You have setup ASCOM
  2. You have setup EQMOD (although EQTour can be used with other ASCOM drivers).
Downloading EQTour
  1. Download the latest version into an appropriate folder.
  2. Run the file. It will typically create a sub-folder with the project files. For non-developers the .exe file is the only file of interest. You may receive warnings about an unknown publisher.
ASCOM Server Connection

Connection must be made to an ASCOM telescope driver and this is achieved via the [Connect] Button. If no connection has previously been made then the ASCOM “Chooser” dialog is shown, otherwise connection is established to the server currently set as the current default. The default server is set via the [Choose Scope] button on the extended window. EQTour can be set to automatically connect to the current 'default' ASCOM server on start up. Typically you will choose “EQMOD ASCOM Scope Driver”.

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