EQASCOM_Run is a very basic ASCOM client intended to provide a permanent client for EQASCOM thereby ensuring the EQASCOM continues to run even it other more complex client apps such as guiding/planetarium are closed (or crash). Those with dedicated mount control PCs may wish to add EQASCOM_Run to the startup menu and leave it to windows to terminate on close down. Those without dedicated PCs may also opt to use EQASCOM_Run but may want to initiate it manually.

It can be all too easy to accidentally shut down the EQASCOM interface by closing the last connected client application. The mount itself is unaffected by EQASCOM closure and will continue tracking allowing you to re-start a client app. EQASCOM will then pick up where you left off. However during the “down period” any active limit protection will have been compromised. You also lose unsaved alignment data etc.

  • When running EQASCOM_Run will repeatedly attempt to evoke EQASCOM and connect to the mount every three seconds (if not already connected).
  • EQASCOM_Run will start minimised to the desktop and will not be show in the taskbar.
  • If EQASCOM_Run can is closed via its close button / or menu item it will issue a prompt requiring confirmation.
  • If EQASCOM_Run is “restored” form its mimimised state then there is a menu item that allows access to EQASCOMs setup screen.
  • EQASCOM currently has no configuration options and so contains a literal reference to the ASCOM ID of the EQASCOM driver. There is no current way to use it to run the EQASCOM simulator other by changing and rebuilding the source code.
  • The self installer program will add a start button entry for EQASCOM_Run.
  • EQASCOM will be closed without prompt on windows shutdown or if ended via the task manager.
  • EQASCOM_Run can only be shutdown either by windows closing or after confirming a closure prompt.

If you set it to run automatically on windows start-up, it will then keep looking for the mount. Once it finds the mount, it will connect automatically and the EQASCOM UI will appear. It is not necessary to close EQASCOM run explicitly. Just let windows do that when it shuts down. In this way, you can open and close other clients without any concerns about accidentally shutting down EQASCOM.

An alternative way to get EQASCOM to run permanently is to use the “start EQASCOM” script that ships with EQASCOM. This efficiently tricks EQASCOM by changing its client count to think there is already a client present. If started this way the only way to stop EQASCOM is via the “Kill” script let windows do it on shutdown (or via the task manager).

Strictly speaking the script approach is a violation of ASCOM compliance which requires that drivers should not run standalone. EQASCOM_Run on the other hand is a legitimate ASCOM implementation.

The latest versions can be found in the files folder at


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