Downloading the EQMOD Software

Downloading the EQMOD Software

The software is best downloaded from the Yahoo EQMOD news group

( EQMOD Release/ )

  1. Login and go to the files section.
  2. Look for the folder “A EQMOD Release”

Inside you will see several folder. The folder EQASCOM contains the latest release. Each version is identified with a name that includes a version number and probably a letter.

For example: EQASCOM_V124g_Setup.exe or some future version such as: EQASCOM_V126k_Setup.exe

For those wishing to work with developing the program, the source code is also available within the setup program.

You will typically want the most recent version since it will have the latest features and and fixes. If the most recent release exhibits some problems that have not been resolved you can always select the next previous release.

You may also be able to obtain the latest stable version from without joining the Yahoo group. Occasionally the the version at this location may be a version behind the version available on Yahoo.

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