Dialog Based Alignment (old alignment method)

Dialog Based Alignment (old alignment method)

  1. Unpark the mount.
  2. Make sure that you have selected the “Dialog Based” option in
    the User Interface.
  3. Click the [Add Point(s)] button. The EQMOD Alignment Tool window will appear.
  4. Using your planetarium program, select an appropriate alignment star.
  5. GOTO that star using the planetarium program.
  6. Accurately centre the star in your FOV using the slew buttons in the EQMOD Alignment Tool window (or other mechanism such as a joystick).
  7. Click the [Accept] button or appropriate button on the joystick.
  8. Repeat steps 4 through 7 for as many points as you wish to add.
  9. Click the [End] button in the Alignment Tool window.

If you wish to repeat the alignment process or you wish to add additional points, simply click the [Add Point(s)] button.

You can also switch “User Interface” to “Append on Sync” and add additional points using the SYNC method.


Q. Why is the [Add Point(s)] button not visible?

A. You didn't select the “Dialog based” option in the User Interface drop-down.

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