Defining the Mapping of Buttons on a Gamepad/Joystick Controller

Defining the Mapping of Buttons on a Gamepad/Joystick Controller

The Gamepad is sought out automatically if your Gamepad is present at start-up. If the Gamepad is not detected, try using the “Initialise” button in the “Gamepad Configuration” sub-panel.

The user can define which Gamepad buttons map to which EQMOD_ASCOM functions. The following image shows the default settings.



  1. In EQMOD, click the [Setup] button (if necessary) to display the expanded EQMOD window.
  2. Open up the Gamepad configuration dialog via the [Configure] button on the main (expanded) EQMOD_ASCOM window (in the “Gamepad Configuration” sub-panel).
  3. In the “Gamepad Configuration” window, select a function by left clicking and then press the button on your Gamepad that you wish to use. If you are changing the button for a function, it is not necessary to clear the previous setting first.
  4. To clear the button setting from a function, simply right click on the current assignment.
  5. Click the [Clear All] button to clear all assignments.
  6. Click the [Load defaults] button to load the default assignments.
  7. After all changes have been made, click the [Assign Changes] button - the dialog will then close.
  8. Click the [Cancel] button to close without updating or changing the current assignments.

Note: If you assign a button to the “Synchronize” function, you need to know that the button must be pressed twice in close succession in order to issue the “sync” command. You will hear a sound from the computer if the “sync” has been issued. You will also see an addition to the point list.

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