Basic Operation of EQMOD Mosaic
Basic Operation of EQMOD Mosaic
  1. Double click the file EQMOD_MOSAIC.exe . Depending upon your computer setup the .exe extension may not be visible.
  2. Start your planetarium program (optional) and connect to EQMOD in the “ASCOM Telescope Chooser” dialog. EQMOD will start up.
  3. In the EQMOD Mosaic window, click the [Connect] button. EQMOD Mosaic will then connect to an ASCOM driver. If none has previously been selected then the “ASCOM Telescope Chooser” dialog will appear. On successful connection the center cell of the mosaic grid is automatically synchronized with the scopes position and will appear highlighted.
  4. Use your planetarium program or the EQMOD slew controls (joystick etc.) in EQMOD to move to the object of interest.
  5. Double click a new grid position (or [Spiral] button) to slew the mount a precise amount for each subsequent image. When the scope finishes slewing the target grid cell will be highlighted and the grid cell label will be displayed (if option enabled).
  6. If at any point you wish to resynchronize the grid center with the current scope position, click the [Get Position] button. The grid will be reset and position F6 (row F, column 6) and will appear highlighted.
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