EQMOD Tour - Adding and Deleting Object entries
EQMOD Tour - Adding and Deleting Object entries

Objects can be added to the current Tour Object List. Usually you would add objects to the MyTour list.

  1. Start EQMOD Tour and connect to EQMOD
  2. Start your planetarium program and connect to EQMOD
  3. Using your planetarium program, slew to the object to be added.
  4. In EQMOD Tour, click the [Add] button.
  5. Enter an appropriate description. Press the [Enter] key on your keyboard in order to record the description. The list will be refreshed and the new entry will appear.
  6. If an empty description is entered then the process is aborted.
  7. Objects are removed from the current list by first selecting them then pressing the [Delete] button.
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